ACQUIRE MORE NEW PATIENTS TO YOUR PRACTICE on auto-pilot without relying on word of mouth or referrals

Using our Online Foot Assessment Quiz

our trusted partner

We are a proud partner of Ontario Society of Chiropodists that consists of over 300 Foot Specialists in Ontario, Canada.

What is a foot quiz?

It's an online self-assessment quiz that asks users 17 questions related to the health of their feet and ankles and places them in low, medium or high risk category based on their responses. Prior to seeing the results, we capture their contact information. Those who are at risk are advised to book an appointment with your clinic, and those who don't book are added to your list of email subscribers.

Our Programs

New patient acquisition

We run paid digital media ads to maximize the number of people who complete the foot assessment. A percentage of those who complete will request a booking with your practice immediately, while the remainder will be nurtured with on-going valuable content and tips to build trust and establish a relationship to plant the seed for future bookings.

Quiz subscription

We offer white-label rights to host our quiz to your website to help you engage with your prospective patients who are visiting your website. According to a research conducted by, 81% of patients revealed that they conduct online research on health-care providers they've been referred to, and among this group, 90% will choose another service provider entirely if they don't like what they see online.

How can WE help you?

Build trust & expertise in the marketplace

By offering a free tool that lets people self-assess their feet, you share goodwill and establish trust with your prospective patients.

Acquire more new patients to your practice

We market the quiz to your ideal patients, capture their contact information, and direct them book an appointment with your clinic.

stand out from your Local competition

Differentiate your practice from competitors and captivate the attention of your prospective patients using our interactive quiz.

Gain insights into your target market

Use the data collected from the assessment to segment your email subscribers and send personalized email campaigns.

Book your free sTRATEGY call

Let's book a 30-minute call and craft a strategy for your practice that will help you acquire new patients on auto-pilot!

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